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The Longest Ride Book Pdf free download which is written by Nicholas Sparks. The Longest Ride for free. If you love Nicholas Sparks novels, then this book is for you. Download this pdf and start reading this amazing novel.

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Longest Ride is three characters that run parallel to two love stories. Ira Levinson, 91, a lonely widower with serious cancer; Luke Collins, a champion bull in his twenties, nearly killed him while trying to return to the race after a fatal accident during the race. Sofia Danko, a Bachelor of Art History from Wake Forest University.

In February 2011, Ira Levinson, driving alone at night, hits a snowy road in a remote area of ​​rural North Carolina. Struggling to regain consciousness, Ira is comforted by the ghost of his beloved wife, Ruth, who died nine years ago. Ruth’s spirit encourages her to remember a long and happy marriage. As time passes, Ira recalls meeting Ruth shortly before joining the Army Air Corps during World War II. Despite Ira’s shyness, they fell in love immediately and unconditionally. In France, Ira became infected with mumps, leaving her infertile. Although it was her dream to have children, she married her true love, Aira. Ira used to work in all kinds of family businesses. Ruth became a third-grade teacher. He loved his students. In particular, one student, Danielle McCallum, a troubled child from a dysfunctional family, found solace in Ruth and Ira.

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Over the years, Ira and Ruth shared a love for the arts. During their honeymoon, they fell on the campus of a small Black Mountain College in western North Carolina. After meeting the faculty of the university’s art department and browsing the galleries, Ira and Ruth decided to collect art. Over a 30-year period, he has purchased artwork from well-known local artists, from prominent figures such as Andy Warhol and Willem de Kooning. Suffering from cancer, Ira decided to sell her collection, which is now worth millions of dollars.

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Nicholas Sparks is one of the world’s most beloved storytellers. All of his books have been New York Times bestsellers and have sold over 105 million copies in more than 50 languages worldwide, including over 75 million copies in the United States alone. (Source:

The Longest Ride Book Pdf Free Download

BookThe Longest Ride
AuthorNicholas Sparks
GenreFiction & Literature, Romance
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Download The Longest Ride PDF free by Nicholas Sparks

In The Longest Ride of 2013, one of America’s most prolific and successful millennial novelists, Nicholas Sparks, explores how, despite their differences, opposing personalities find ways to compromise. Connecting two relationships, one ending after more than 50 years and the other barely starting, this New York Times best-selling novel explores how love can thrive even in the most difficult times. It can last, it can survive. The novel is partly Western (a couple starring a bullfighting champion in love with an art historian), partly a traditional love story, partly a comprehensive cultural biography of North America, post-World War II, and partly From the formidable power of art. check about it.

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