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The Jakarta Pandemic Book Summary By Steven Konkoly

Over the past decade, we have had quite a few SARS and A (H1N1), which are close to pandemic. Fortunately, no recent virus has been able to wipe out large numbers of people like previous pandemics. However, some experts believe that it is only a matter of time before the virus becomes infected.

A deadly virus spread worldwide by the Jakarta pandemic. The novel focuses on a neighborhood in Maine. It shows the impact of infectious diseases not only on people’s health but also on human relationships.

This book is more realistic than you might think. The characters are ordinary people, that is, common people. Alex is wild and warlike, but he cares deeply about the well being of his family and friends.

I wondered what we would do when a pandemic like this happens, but if we can stock up on food, what Alex and his family have on hand is clearly something normal people can’t get. in your hand. , For example, solar panels are very expensive, even though they are actually useful.

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This is a great way to prepare yourself and your family for potential disaster. But this book is too long. At first I was shocked and had no problem reading the detailed prose. But at the end of the book I omitted most of the explanations.

The Jakarta Pandemic Book pdf Summary By Steven Konkoly

The way the writer has developed the character is very impressive and the characters are well drawn and convincing. A novel that is unique in many ways, but of course, its subject matter is universal. Undoubtedly this novel is truly original and unforgettable literature. There is no romance like this, pure magic. In short, if you are a novel reader in search of a fantastic, interesting, surprising, and wonderful novel, then this novel is highly recommended for you without missing a single moment.

The Jakarta Pandemic [PDF] Details By Steven Konkoly

BookThe Jakarta Pandemic
SeriesAlex Fletcher
AuthorSteven Konkoly
GenreApocalyptic, Suspense, Thriller, Fiction
Size2.7 MB
5/5 - (2 votes)

About Steven Konkoly (The Jakarta Pandemic PDF)

Steven Konkoly Biography

Steven earned a BA in English Literature from the US Naval Academy in 1993. He served on active duty for the next eight years, touring the world as a naval officer assigned to various Marine Corps units. His two-year mission in Japan and extensive travels to more than 20 countries in Asia and the Middle East made him a worldwide hit.

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