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Persuader Book Pdf free download which is written by Lee Child. Persuader Pdf download for free. If you love Lee Child, then this book is for you. Download Persuader pdf and start reading this Crime, Thriller & Mystery, and Suspense novel.

Persuader Book Summary By Lee Child

Former Lieutenant Jack Reacher’s surprise comes as he hunts down enemies from the past.

The Child (Without Fail, 2002) begins Richer’s seventh case with an apparent homicide. While student Richard Beck was driving home, two men in the van got into his limousine, pulled him out, threw a grenade at the car, and killed Beck’s bodyguards. Reacher, who was standing nearby, jumps into the battlefield and escorts the alleged kidnapper and a third person (who turns out to be an undercover cop) to the scene. Reacher tells Beck that the law never forgives a police murderer, and flees to the student’s mansion in Maine. And surprise #1 happens.

Persuader Book Summary By Lee Child

An ambush was carefully planned by a federal agent trying to set up a Reacher inside Fort Beck, where Reacher seeks to rescue another agent who disappeared from the same location a few weeks earlier. He also suspects that carpet dealer Beck’s father is involved in a secret business linking him with Francis Xavier Quinn, who should have died 10 years earlier when Reacher pushed him off a cliff. Quinn’s backstory continues and becomes a subplot that adds to the mystery. Meanwhile, Richer sneaks into Beck’s Dying Eagle’s Nest, where corrupt and corrupt residents have Hitchcock-style customs. Reacher also meets with his agent to escape the domain’s security systems and they fall in love. Returning to Maine, the housekeeper becomes an agent the Feds know nothing about, and Reacher learns what Beck is up to (at least 20 times) and contacts Quinn. The tension before Richer and Quinn’s reunion could easily have turned into a simple afternoon-style face-to-face, but Child insists on violence when her peer-review work goes too far.

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Persuader Pdf Details By Lee Child

SeriesJack Reacher #7
AuthorLee Child
GenreCrime, Thriller & Mystery, Fiction
Size1.3 MB
5/5 - (10 votes)

About Lee Child

Lee Child Biography

Lee Child is the author of 19 New York Times bestselling Jack Reacher books, 10 of which reached number one. All were selected for major films. The first was based on Jack Reacher’s One Shot. The international rights to the Reacher series have been sold in approximately 100 territories. British-born and former television director Lee Child lives in New York.

Download Persuader PDF free by Lee Child

Persuasion is the seventh book in the Jack Reacher series by Lee Child. After a casual encounter with a longtime adversary, Reacher is once again obsessed with revenge and finds himself increasingly desperate in a decade-long attempt to settle the score. Reacher infiltrates criminal gangs and quickly rises up the ranks to take revenge on past enemies. Download Persuader pdf for free and start reading today.

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