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Kingdom of Villains Book Pdf free download which is written by Ella Fields. Kingdom of Villains Pdf download for free. If you love Ella Fields Novels, then this book is for you. Download Kingdom of Villains and start reading this amazing novel that can win your heart.

Kingdom of Villains Book Summary By Ella Fields

Kingdom of Villains is completely standalone and unrelated to Ella Fields’ other novels. No suspense. It is a passionate love fantasy with a whirlwind of fervent romance.

In a dangerous new world where love and hate co-exist, she has no choice but to be his bride when the fairy princess who is most curious about being alone meets the black fairy prince, who has The mystery of the beast. ,
He knew exactly who he was. Usely Prince. But I didn’t know exactly what it was.
I was cheated.
The creature that tried to befriend my family dungeon wasn’t the kind and interesting prince I thought it would be.
He was a monster. Blood-thirsty animal.
And I helped him to get rid of his uncle’s clutches.
Such betrayal has had disastrous consequences and has paid the price that the greatest danger our state has faced for hundreds of years will not survive.
But after learning that her uncle has foiled the prince’s plans, Anseli seeks revenge and the deal is done.
My Savior and my fall have returned, and this time he will not go without me.
No matter how much I hated him, this deceitful and dangerous man was my last hope. But when he saw me, touched me, and dared to love me, the faith he wore as his armor began to melt.
He couldn’t let that happen.
It was impossible to escape fate, but the only way to save one’s life was to marry the demon who took him and left him.

Kingdom of Villains Book Summary By Ella Fields

It has a great standalone set, captivating characters, glorious prose, and a touching look into the diverse lives of human beings. The way the writer has developed the character is very impressive and the characters are well drawn and convincing. A novel that is unique in many ways, but of course, its subject matter is universal. Undoubtedly this novel is truly original and unforgettable literature. There is no romance like this, pure magic. In short, if you are a novel reader who is looking for a novel that is fantastic, interesting, surprising, and wonderful, then you should not miss a moment and pick up this novel.

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Kingdom of Villains [PDF] Details By Ella Fields

BookKingdom of Villains
AuthorElla Fields
Size1.4 MB
4.8/5 - (6 votes)

About Ella Fields (Kingdom of Villains Pdf)

About Ella Fields (Kingdom of Villains Pdf)

USA TODAY and international bestselling author Ella Fields live in Australia with her husband, two children, and cute animals.
A lover of chocolate, love, magic, and words, she enjoys exploring the emotional chaos of “what if”, which is rarely used in many romance genres.

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