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I Am Watching You Book Pdf free download which is written by Teresa Driscoll. Download I Am Watching You Pdf for free. If you love Teresa Driscoll novels, then this book is for you. Download this pdf and start reading this amazing novel.

I Am Watching You Pdf Summary

Ella Longfield stumbles upon two attractive young men seducing teenage boys on a train and discovers that she has just been released from prison and that her maternal instincts are not triggered until ignores them. But when she decides to ask for help, something stops her. The next day, they found that one of the girls, the beautiful green-eyed Anna Ballard, had disappeared.

A year later, Anna is still missing. She was plagued with guilt for what she couldn’t do, and she isn’t the only one who can’t forget that. Someone has sent a threatening letter.

It is then revealed that he may have something to hide from Anna’s friends and family on the birthday call. Anna’s best friend Sarah did not tell the whole truth about what happened that night and her parents kept it a secret.

One knows where Anna is and doesn’t say anything. But they see Ella.

About Author of I Am Watching You Book Pdf

Teresa Driscoll is a former BBC television news presenter whose psychological thriller has sold 2 million copies in more than 20 languages. Her first thriller, I Am Watching You, reached number one on Kindle in the UK, USA, and Australia, and sold over one million copies in English alone.

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Teresa writes novels and thrillers for women, and her work has been selected for a film.
During her long career as a journalist, Teresa worked for newspapers, magazines, and television, including 15 years presenting the BBC’s Spotlight news program. In her long criminal career, she was struck by the devastating effect it had on her family, friends, and witnesses, and this is the wave she now explores in her darker novels.

I Am Watching You Book Pdf Free Download

BookI Am Watching You
AuthorTeresa Driscoll
GenreCrime, Thriller & Mystery
Size1.4 MB
4.5/5 - (4 votes)

Download I Am Watching You PDF free by Teresa Driscoll

Teresa Driscoll’s I’m Watching You is a thriller. The premise is simple, but the way it expresses its content is interesting. Download I Am Watching You Pdf by following the below link.

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