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America’s First Daughter Book Pdf free download which is written by Laura Kamoie. Download America’s First Daughter Pdf for free. If you love Laura Kamoie novels, then this book is for you. Download this pdf and start reading this amazing novel.

America’s First Daughter PDF Summary

America’s First Daughter, published in 2016 by Stephanie Dray and Laura Kamoie, is a fictional biography of Martha Jefferson Randolph, the eldest daughter of Thomas Jefferson, known in her family as Patsy. Based on a true story, the novel tells the story of Patsy, the founding father of the United States and the first president, and her father’s relationship.

Shortly after Jefferson’s death in 1826, Patsy began the arduous task of classifying, burning, and editing his father’s papers. She wants to preserve her father’s legacy and destroy anything that can damage her father’s reputation. He has dedicated his life to following, helping, and protecting his father.

The novel then moved to Virginia in 1781. British forces advance to Monticello, the home of the Jefferson family, to capture Jefferson as a traitor. Patsy was eight years old at the time. She recounts a horrifying experience when the family escaped safely under the tutelage of Jefferson’s secretary, William Short.

Soon after, Jefferson’s wife, Martha Jefferson, was dying. He asks 10-year-old Patsy to promise to take care of Jefferson and protect his family. Patsy takes this promise to heart and guides her relationship with her father for the rest of her life. When Jefferson commits suicide after the death of his wife, Patsy and William help him out of a crisis of despair.

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A few years later, Jefferson was appointed French minister, taking Patsy and William to Paris. Patsy is sent to a convent school, while her father and William attend to the affairs of the state. Two years before Patsy’s sister Maria “Polly” Jefferson joined. Polly is accompanied by a slave girl named Sally Hemmings, the unknown half-sister of Jefferson’s deceased wife.

In France, Patsy lives like a beginner, exploring the sights and sounds of the city. It also testifies to the first stages of the French Revolution. That’s when Patsy and William fell in love. He proposes to her, but she refuses because she feels that marriage will prevent her from fulfilling her duty to help her father in his career. But Patsy and William weren’t the only ones to bloom. Patsy learns that her father is having an affair with Sally.

About Author of America’s First Daughter Book Pdf

The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and USA TODAY Bestseller Laura Kamoi has always been fascinated by people, stories, and physical beings of the past, leading her into the lives of history and archaeology. , soft water. she holds a doctorate in ancient American history from the University of William and Mary, published two nonfiction books on early America, and most recently served in the U.S. before becoming a full professor. Served as an associate professor at the Naval Academy. time teacher. Career as a writer of genre fiction as New York Times bestselling author Laura Kaye. Writing a historical novel provides an exciting opportunity to combine a love of history with a passion for storytelling. Laura lives in the colonial charm of Annapolis, Maryland, with her husband, two daughters, and Schuyler, the monstrous German Shepherd.

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America’s First Daughter Book Pdf Free Download

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Download America’s First Daughter PDF free by Laura Kamoie

America’s First Daughter lives vividly turbulent times. All the conflicts and complications of the First Republic are reflected in Patsy’s story. This is an incredibly interesting and heartwarming personal and political page-turner. Download America’s First Daughter Pdf by following the below link.

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